"If India was the Jewel in the Crown of the British Empire, the remote North East of that country is its Hidden Jewel" …Tony Howard …Tony Howard

  • White Water Rafting

These spells of swift, intense encounters with foaming, roaring waters are punctuated by many more longer periods of gentle floating, with opportunities to observe natural wonders along the continuously varying canvas of the river banks. Any normal healthy person who does not fear water can raft. 

Rivers have for ages been the arteries of communication and culture; only now they are being used for recreation and adventure. 

The ride along the Himalayan rivers is simply exhilarating. Paddling through the rapids and battling with the wild white waters as the beauty of the jungle rushes at you from both sides and the crystal clear water river bed smiles from below - this is the magic of river running. 

Hiring of equipment, including crash helmets, can easily be arranged at very reasonable rates. The equipment provided conforms to the highest safety standards followed anywhere. The period for rafting is from April to September. 

To experience this adrenaline pumping and action-packed activity, one can get proficiency in just a few hours of training, facilities for which exist in different parts of the country. There is also provision for expert guidance on boards as well as logistics and rescue facilities. Many tourist agencies and state departments conduct courses in river-rafting. Apart from rafting, the thrills of kayaking and canoeing can also be experienced in these rivers. 

Wind surfing, kayaking, canoeing, water skiing, yachting and a host of other sports offer excitement that has few parallels

Because of the dangers and in view of the astonishing scenery around, even a simple activity like a motor boat ride can prove to be thrilling. The thrill can be compounded many times over, if instead of sitting on the boat you could ski behind it. 

Ashoka Holidays also ORGANIZES WALKING AND BICYCLING TOURS IN Northeast of India Experience the serene calm of the hills combined with the adventure Exploring the unknown. 

In addition, custom-designed tours can be arranged for groups of 10-150 people, for tour length of one day to one month. 

All equipment and techical support for all tours is provided by Ashoka Holidays and included in the cost of the tour. Walkways are very flexible; tours can be arranged to accommodate a wide range of age groups and fitness levels ranging from beginners to experienced bikers/hikers. 

The Love of Flying

Hang gliding and Para sailing are the newer adventure experience. Man has always longed to fly: dipping and wheeling at will: soaring over hills and valleys and rising slowly, silently with thermals like the birds. Except during the monsoons, hang gliding is safe throughout the year; so is Para gliding, which is safer and easier to learn. 

India is fast emerging as a major aero sports destination. And Northeast India has the potential to become one of the best sporting destination. The long Himalayan range contrasted with the vast river valleys landscape offer opportunities for activities like Para Sailing, Para Gliding, Hot Air Ballooning, and Para Jumping. 




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